Pilates Strings Graz 2022

European Strings Teachers Association 50th Anniversary in Graz 2022, Austria

Pilates Strings in #grazeuhrturm Graz 2022

Pilates Strings had three full house pilates morning sessions in ESTA Graz 2022, Austria from 11 to 13 April, 2022.

Pilates Strings
Keep yourself in a good Balance!

As an Somatic Pilates Instructor I thank you all who took part to my Pilates Strings sessions!

Thank you violin professor from Graz Uni Mrs Anke Schittenhelm for taking care of me and all the people who joined in!

Pilates Strings sessions in Kunst Uni Graz Ballettsaal in Theater im Palais

Thank you European Strings Teachers Association ESTA international and ESTA Österreich fro giving me this opportunity and thank you for arranging such a great Balletsaal from Kunst Uni Graz!


Thank also to ESTA Finland members for choosing me to ESTA President again! I was happy to bring my knowledge in pilates to ESTA international members!

Suomen jousisoitinopettajat ry SJO ry SJO / ESTA estafinland.fi


Pilates Strings goes to Rathaus Graz


Pilates Strings in ESTA Graz 2022, Austria Hope to meet you soon again ESTA International members! heidi.fi/pilates