Thank You ESTA (European String Teachers Association) Porto 2020 Online!

Thank You ESTA Porto 2020 for having Pilates Strings Workshop in your Program!

Instagram and facebook @pilatesstrings

All 82 ESTA members who joined in moved with me and moved me!


ESTA Porto 2020 Online

Some sentences from Pilates workshop feedback:

”Nice! I also do Pilates and its really an absolute change on your body knowledge an comfort, sense of balance and breathing! With the lockdown I started doing Pilates, yoga and breathing exercises on XXXTV! It is great!” Ariana Dantas
”Thank you for this! I’m with more energy and relaxed!” Ana Caeiro
”Hi Heidi! Congratulations for your workshop and to Shareing your knowledge on this so important issue for musicians! Bravo!” Miguela Goncalves
”Thanks for bringing awareness to the athletic part of performing!” Elena Rojas-Crocker
”Fantastic Heidi. I also do Pilates, and helped me so much with my back pain from playing violin! It’s great! A momento to ourselves , and body awareness Recommend to everybody, specially string players. Greetings” Joana Viana

THANK YOU ALL for your kind and supportive feedback! I surely agree with every word!

Pilates Strings @pilatesstrings


Pilates Strings @pilatesstrings


Pilates Strings @pilatesstrings


Thank You Porto 2020 Online! Instagram and facebook @pilatesstrings

Pilates Strings video link to SJO / ESTA members who has registered:

Join to #suomenjousisoitinopettajat #estafinland